2017 EO Global Leadership Conference

2017 EO Global Leadership Conference Date(s) - 29/04/2017 - 02/05/2017
All Day

You’ve made it in business. You’ve influenced your industry. Now it’s time to make your mark in EO as a member leader. By pursuing this leadership opportunity, you have joined countless peers on a journey of personal and professional growth; one that promises to test your skills, challenge your perspectives and show you how to turn weaknesses into strengths. As a longtime member leader, I can attest to the considerable value of leadership in EO. Not only do you discover new depths of your abilities, but you learn how to lead a life of significance. When you commit yourself to this new experience, you’re not just enriching EO through your leadership— you’re enriching your life by learning how to be extraordinary in your business, family, community and beyond. And that’s priceless.

I want to personally congratulate you on becoming an EO leader, as well as thank you for committing your time, energy and passion toward strengthening this organization and your global peers. For nearly 30 years, members like yourself have created a framework for EO growth and greatness, while inspiring others to do the same. As you get ready for your new journey, you will need the right tools, knowledge and networks to help you maximize your impact. You will find these and more at the 2017 EO Global Leadership Conference (GLC), an annual leadership event designed to help you become a stronger, more skillful leader so that you may lead with significance.

Are you ready to reach the next stage of leadership? Through GLC, you will learn, network and engage fellow member leaders from 50 countries, all of whom are eager to make a mark … just like you. Best of all, you will experience unique evening socials, participate in MyEO activities, build global friendships and help us kick off our 30th anniversary in style. As you prepare for this learning experience, I encourage you to go beyond your comfort zone and explore every opportunity that presents itself. In doing so, you will not only become the best EO leader you can be, you’ll be a more impactful person. Leading with significance starts with learning. Get ready for the next level of leadership. Get ready for GLC!

Once again, thank you for accepting a higher calling in the organization and for contributing to what I know will be a great year ahead. I’m excited to lead alongside you.

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