Chaos action plan

Chaos action plan Date(s) - 02/04/2020
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Once we find ourselves in unexpected chaos, we need to thrive in it, not just survive. Challenges and changes are all part of this complex world. We need to be able to remain flexible during these times, so we can identify the current threat we are facing and develop a course of action to get ourselves and team back on mission. As leaders we need to get comfortable being uncomfortable and look for the opportunities that these new challenges can create.

In Corinne’s presentation you will learn strategies to adapt your thoughts and actions on a moment’s notice, to stay focused on the mission, power through these unexpected challenges, and develop a Chaos Action Plan.

Using Corinne’s Chaos Action Plan Framework, we’ll explore how to get yourself and team back on mission by identifying your current threat, impact, and effect is has on you and your business.

This fun, interactive session will have participants actively participating and doing exercises that connect the concepts to the realities of their real, everyday life.