EO 2020 Cambodia and Vietnam Exploration

EO 2020 Cambodia and Vietnam Exploration Date(s) - 19/02/2020 - 24/02/2020
All Day

Southeast Asia’s alluring complexity, coupled with its natural beauty, has always made it an unrivaled destination teeming with a boundless range of unique encounters and extraordinary sights. Discover the wonder of this region from 19-24 February as Entrepreneurs’ Organization travels through two of the region’s most captivating countries, Vietnam and Cambodia, at the 2020 EO Cambodia-Vietnam Exploration.

Vibrant and exotic, Vietnam and Cambodia offer an unforgettable experience by merging ancient, modern and futuristic worlds together. On this EO Exploration, you will journey into the past through countryside tours of Cambodian rice paddies and ancient temples, and get a glimpse into the future by taking in the hustle and bustle and innovation offered in each metropolitan area while enjoying the luxury of five-star resorts.

In this six-day long expedition, you will engage with members of two of the newest chapters at EO, EO Vietnam and EO Cambodia (coming soon!), delving deep-dive into their distinct history, culture, cuisine and businesses.

So, what else can you expect from the 2020 EO Cambodia-Vietnam Exploration?

Seamless transportation experience with private jet charters between each destination
Private tours of ancient Cambodian temples and rice paddies and the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam, led by expert guides
Fine dining experiences at some of the countries’ most exclusive restaurants
Luxurious spa treatments and pampering at the Four Seasons Resort, the Nam Hai
And, many more surprises!
EO Explorations are world-class cultural immersion journeys designed for our members to experience new communities and customs like a local. The unique experience offers a deeper understanding of unfamiliar places, traditions and business practices that are only offered at Entrepreneurs’ Organization.