Survive & Thrive: Emerging Stronger Through Financial Crisis

Survive & Thrive: Emerging Stronger Through Financial Crisis Date(s) - 02/04/2020
8:00 pm

You probably remember the moment you realized how big an impact COVID-19 was going to have (or has already had) on your business. It might have been when the event cancellations started. It might have been when customers started canceling orders or jobs. It might have been when the government announcements about various restrictions, closures or cancellations started. Regardless of when you realized, we are now in a state of massive change, uncertainty and financial crisis.

The goal of The Financial “Survive and Thrive” Program is to help you not only financially survive through the impacts of COVID-19, but to set-up and thrive in the rebound.

After this talk, you will be able to take the 5 steps to set yourself up to financially “Survive and Thrive”:

1. How to figure out your financial “New Normal” and get clear if you’re re-stabilized or if not, a sense of how many months you have left to figure out a plan B.

2. Dive into some cost savings ideas you might not have already thought about.

3. Find creative ways to access additional funds to extend your runway.

4. Shifting your business model to include and consider outsourcing options.

5. Prepare for the rebound. “This too shall pass”. How to think about the rebound and how to set up to THRIVE in the future!