EMP Boston 2017

‘Now that I have lived the experience – I totally understand what my fellow Forum Members mean when they constantly say ‘EMP is the best thing that happened to me and my business.’  The location was stunning, the ever elegant Endicott House at MIT, Boston – the company we kept for those 3,5 days was quite incredible – 57 amazing individuals from every corner of the globe – all with different sized businesses and different types of business yet each and every one of us had one goal – to LEARN. And Learn we did.  I have never attended any other meeting with Speakers of this caliber – I have never come home from a conference with over 200 pages of notes, books, ideas, inspiration – all of which I now have to put into practice as my accountability partner Kym Huynh, located on the other side of the world, is there to make sure I walk the walk and talk the talk… I am literally counting the days until we next get together in 2018 to hear everyone’s updates and proudly present mine.  The best ROI of my time and money ever!’ – Andrea Grisdale


Being at EMP was an incredible experience. Immersed in lush forrest, Endicott House which belongs to the prestigious MIT university in Boston was the perfect background for encounters the likes of which I have never made before. I connected to 57 fellow entrepreneurs, to their life stories, their successes, their families, and at the end of the four days, I had made new friends all over the world. Friends moreover who will hold me accountable to the next important steps I will take in my life and in my business. Out of the multitude of excellent speakers, Warren Rustand comes to mind, who talked to us about the mindset of authentic leaders. 74 years old, fit as a fiddle, ore as he says „pure as fresh snow“, this impressive counsellor of president Ford, serial entreprenuer, billionaire, father of 7 and grandfather of 19, walks the walk of a happy and accomplished life. It was a privilege to listen and talk to him, and I will never forget the things he told me. EMP made me expand my horizons, gave me ideas on where to go next and the tools to get there. It made me realize that I was maybe not thinking big enough, or in the words of Verne Harnish, another of our mentors: „Reflect carefully about what you are doing every day. Are you playing defence, or are you playing to win?” – Christine