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Club House Brera – Strategic Alliance

ClubHouse Brera, part of Copernico Group, is now a Strategic Alliance Partner of EO Italy. International members of EO visiting Milan are offered a complimentary, one-day experience at this prestigious club in Foro Buonaparte 22 in Milan, and special rates for regular use. EO Italy has chosen ClubHouse Brera for forum meetings and learning events, as explained in this … Leggi tutto

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The potential for Italy to emerge stronger out of the covid crisis

A survey of international entrepreneurs reveals strong interest in the competitiveness and manufacturing capabilities of Italian companies. Riding this interest can contribute significantly to restarting the Italian economy after the crisis, leading to increased employment, GDP growth and sustainability of the Italian public debt pile. Existing obstacles are mainly regulatory and can be removed with … Leggi tutto


How EOers help each other

What could South Africa do differently in the fight against Covid-19? Ubuntu Beds is to unite hospitality businesses with on-the-ground healthcare workers, offering them empty rooms in which to stay; reducing their commutes and the risk of them passing the virus on to their loved ones. The idea came out during a video conference with … Leggi tutto


What EO is doing for members in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis

EO is an organisation by entrepreneurs / for entrepreneurs. The global Covid 19 pandemic created a lot of anxiety among many people and also with EO members. The EO organization initiated many activities to support entrepreneurs around the world, and clearly demonstrated the power of such a global network. EO’s Global Board Director Winnie Hart … Leggi tutto

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Rocket Espresso Company Visit

17 NOV ’16   09.00 – 11.00      LISCATE

EO MILAN organized a COMPANY VISIT at Rocket Espresso only for people invited by an EO-member.
Speaker: Andrew Meo – www.rocket-espresso.it

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