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In business, as in life, integrity is everything. Within our organization integrity goes deeper than just the game rules— it is our code of conduct. Confidence, respect and inclusiveness are imperatives. Non-judgment and non-solicitation are non-negotiable.





Our most valuable asset is wisdom gained through our appetite for knowledge and the transformational experiences that we share with our peers. A thirst for learning leads to an open mind. A thirst for learning leads to an open mind, and an open mind leads to greater opportunity.




This is what we’ve done all our lives. It’s what allows us to grow and take risks. It inspires us to never give up, celebrating failures as well as successes. It’s an innate instinct born out of courage, creativity and eternal optimism.





We are not afraid of challenge convention. We are in control of our destiny, and with that comes a great responsibility. To build value. To make a difference. To leave a legacy. We are willing to put in the effort to transform any experience into a positive one for all.





Cool defines our approach, our attitude and our experiences. As we carve our own path, we are reinventing the experience of what it means to be an entrepreneur. We are vibrant and progressive. We commit to forward thinking. We commit to innovation. We commit to cool.


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EO 333 Italy 18/02/2021 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
EO 333 Italy

EO ITALY on stage!!! Register today for a session on passion, on trust and on core values. Our unique stories highlight how life and work is about quality, community and human relationships. Followed directly by an hour of “blind” member to member connections via random 1:1 chats. *registration is open to EO Members and EO Accelerators

  • Jacobus Groot – How Core Values made my company grow
  • Andrea Grisdale – Luxury Travel in Italy – How Passion & Positivity saved my business during a Global Pandemic
  • Matteo Ghedini – Building an Organization based on Trust: How to unlock your Team´s full potential

EO Italy 333

Eo Italy 333 Jacobus Groot

Eo Italy 333 Andrea Grisdale

Eo Italy 333 Matteo Ghedini

Innovating Through Crisis with Lynda Applegate 24/06/2020 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Innovating Through Crisis with Lynda Applegate

History has shown us that times of great challenge can also be breeding grounds for innovation and new opportunities. Join this interactive session with esteemed Harvard Professor, Lynda Applegate, as she shares her current research focusing on the innovation taking place before, during, and after COVID-19. Come prepared to lean in and engage as there will be interactive components to this session that we hope will help you innovate in new ways during this unprecedented time.

Sales and Marketing Masterclass with Frank Cespedes 17/06/2020 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Sales and Marketing Masterclass with Frank Cespedes

Frank Cespedes teaches at Harvard Business School. For 12 years, he was Managing Partner at The Center for Executive Development, a firm that won awards in the United States and in Europe for its work with companies.

He has consulted to companies in many industries, is affiliated with PE and VC investors, and has been a Board member of Austral, Evenflo, Growth Play, HALO Industries, start-up firms, and the Education for Employment Foundation. At Harvard, he teaches Entrepreneurial Marketing, heads the executive program on Linking Strategy and Sales, and also teaches in the Owner-President Management program (OPM) for CEOs.

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