Plunge, Transform, Flourish

May 10-12 2023 /

Grand Hotel Plot Quatu, Costa Smeralda, Italy

An amazing learning experience in a unique atmosphere, surrounded by the magical Sardinian landscapes.

One of the things I absolutely love about being a member of EO is that you get access to very unique learning experiences around the world. Here is another one coming up in May. Under the leadership of Liraz Lasry, a Management & Business Professor, at Tel-Aviv University, Kellogg, NYU and Columbia as well as an international keynote speaker & TEDx speaker, and Tom Peled, a former Navy Seals officer and team leader in the Israeli Navy, we will receive trainings and tools how to develop and maintain peak performance. Executives accustomed to high-paced, intensive environments will develop and maintain tools for peak performance in everyday life, as well as under the most challenging of conditions. I can’t wait to join!

Registration opens on February 27, 2023. Watch for more details coming soon!

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