EO Milan Test Drive – January 25th Milan

Want to try out what value EO can bring to you? Join one of our test drives!

Unlock the secrets to success.

Take your business (and your own growth) to the next level and beyond with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. As an EO member, you’ll have access to the people and the experiences that will bring massive gains in your business, wealth and personal happiness.

In this physical EO Test Drive, you’ll trial EO signature programming that top leaders swear is essential to make better decisions, become a better leader and balance success with happiness.

You’ll also:

  • Meet a performance-driven community of peers dedicated to helping one another drive growth, advance wealth, and enjoy a successful, well-rounded lifestyle.
  • Swap strategies with elite executives from non-competing organizations in your area to realize the best opportunities in front of you, and how to overcome your work-life challenges.
  • Hear personal stories from EO members how the organization guided them through critical decision points to achieve extraordinary success.

The EO Milan test drives are is FREE for select qualifying entrepreneurs.

For more info, send us an email: staff@eonetwork.it