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About EO Italy

Our board

Portrait Matteo Ghedini

Matteo Ghedini

EO Italy President

Brera Serviced Apartments

Portrait Domenico Cavaliere

Domenico Cavaliere

President-Elect/ Strategic Alliances


Portrait Jakob Zwaan

Jakob Zwaan


E-Digital Dentistry

Portrait Rene Wiertz

Rene Wiertz


3T Bike

Portrait Cristine Sintermann

Christine Sintermann



Portrait David Menning

David Menning

Member Engagement

Motion Global

Rettangolo 30

Guido Fileppo



Domenico Stigliani



Portrait Andrea Fiore

Andrea Fiore



Other members

Portrait Giovanni Sala

Giovanni Sala


Portrait Radu Ciorba

Radu Ciorba


Portrait Josh Storm

Josh Storm


Portrait Marco Milani

Marco Milani


Portrait Andrea Grisdale 1

Andrea Grisdale

IC Bellagio

Portrait Edmondo Boscooscuro

Edmondo Boscoscuro

Meet and Greet Italy

Portrait Catriona Wallis

Catriona Wallis


Portrait Gianmarco Gerosa

Gianmarco Gerosa


Portrait Alan Bonfandini

Alan Bonfandini


Portrait Jacobus Groot 1

Jacobus Groot

QRP Italia

Portrait Wilco Egger 1

Wilco Egger


Rettangolo 30

Fabio Mondini

Rettangolo 30

Lorenzo Carozzi

Rettangolo 30

Alberto Bertellino

Rettangolo 30

Vanes Lillo

What we offer


An organization that helps you achieve your full potential in your business and in your personal life.


Monthly forums where you can meet like-minded people and share the pleasures and pains of running successful businesses.


Opportunities to meet international experts and have access to educational resources, networks and professional tools to develop your projects.


Starting and leading a business is a journey full of satisfactions, but also responsibilities, risks and hard decisions, where leaders often deal with a feeling of loneliness.

What if there could be an organization that offered to entrepreneurs learning and sharing opportunities, within a protected and inspiring environment?
This question gave rise to EO – Entrepreneurs’ Organization, which has now started an Italian chapter, with EO Italy. also in Italy.


Jackob Zwaan

President EO Italy

Our values

Designed to support leaders
in their daily challenges

Shared ambitions

We think big, creating innovation and sharing courage, as in our actions stays the key to make a difference beyond ourselves.

Mutual esteem and respect

Open minds, trust and care for uniqueness allow us to build authentic spaces, where we create occasions for reciprocal enrichment.

Thirst of learning

We are curious and we work hard to keep ourselves growing. We love ideas, new perspectives and actions that encourage us to overcome our limits and work better.

Support and inclusiveness

Individual well-being is the first step towards great businesses. Empathy and connections are at the basis of an inclusive and strong community.


Marco Milani

+14.000 members

198 active chapters

61 participating countries


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2022 EO Italy Exploration - Venice and Rome

23/05/2022 - 28/05/2022 00:00 - 23:59

2022 EO Italy Exploration – Venice and Rome

Venice and Rome Exploration overview: Embark on an experiential journey starting in Venice and discover behind-the-scenes views of the city at the base of modern commerce—a true miracle of water, [...]

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2022 EO Italy Exploration - Florence and Rome

23/05/2022 - 28/05/2022 00:00 - 23:59

2022 EO Italy Exploration – Florence and Rome

Florence and Rome Exploration highlights: Embark on an experiential journey starting in Florence to discover the art of craftsmanship in the authentic “Made in Italy” tradition and big brands like [...]

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Scaling Up... Principles for Life, Love, and Leadership

13/05/2022 17:30 - 22:30

Scaling Up… Principles for Life, Love, and Leadership

EO Italy has organized a special Scaling Up membership event, featuring keynote speaker, Karl H. Funke. The event will be held Friday evening, May 13, at the Palace Hotel on [...]

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