Matteo Ghedini

Brera Serviced Apartments

I was bitten by the entrepreneurial buzz in 2010, during my MBA at INSEAD. After leaving a safe job in Management Consulting, I had the opportunity to lead my real estate family business through a tough turn-around phase. It started when I was still in Singapore and I remember spending the days at lectures and the nights working on the business plan and preparing negotiations with the banks. The turnaround was a success and I moved to Germany to steer the business towards new unchartered territories. We reorganized the company structure, moved from an asset management to a development company, started new projects and specialized in the hospitality sector, in Serviced Apartments. The logic next step was to start a Serviced Apartments management company, Brera Serviced Apartments, given my passion for lifestyle, interior design and travel. I envisaged a different way of travelling, where guests would feel the warmth of a home rather than the coldness of an impersonal hotel. The community and the empathy of the host would make the stay feel like staying at a friends place. So I created Brera and expanded the business throughout Germany eversince. Now we are fighting with the consequence of the pandemic and preparing to restart even stronger than before.

During this whole journey I could count on the support of EO, my Forum, the EO community. I was able to share successes that galvanized me as well as concerns that kept me awake at night. My forum mates helped me out with respect, empathy and their own experience. EO gave me access to an unprecedented body of knowledge, tens of hours of lecture, tens of books and hundreds of inspiring encounters. If I am the entrepreneur, but also the father, husband and man that I am today, I surely owe a big part of it to EO.