Guido Fileppo


My entrepreneurship story started very early in my life, with millions of ideas but never one good enough to invest all my time on it. Until I came across the opportunity to buy a small business, together with a group of private financial investors, and to try to make it grow.

I searched the market for a business to buy for over two years until I found Farmoderm, a skincare company focusing on fragile skins, providing solutions to the nursing home sector mainly, but also to hospitals and pharmacies. Farmoderm was founded over 30 years ago and provides daily hygiene and skin protection routines to over 1400 nursing homes, mainly in the north of Italy. We also provide solutions for every type of demanding skin, from Stoma patients to post-oncology treatments, and more.

In over two years and a global pandemic after taking over the business, I started by overhauling the sales organisation, focusing on employees rather than external agents and honing our sales strategy around services rather than products. We are ready to expand our horizons in different channels and markets, as well as starting international expansion.